"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:36
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True Freedom Bible College


December 5, 2011


The True Freedom Bible College is truly a blessing. And it’s

changed my life by giving me tools to stay on the right path and

learn what it means to be a Christian. The professors are very easy to understand and give lessons that challenge and inspire at the same time. I am grateful for being able to attend True Freedom Bible College. I am thankful and appreciative of those that have fought to make this education a reality for me and others. You all are doing a great deed by providing this educational experience. May God bless you all and thanks very much.


A humble servant of Christ


July 10, 2013


“While attending True Freedom Bible College I learned a lot about different methods of Bible study... Being a relatively new Christian (1 Year) I really needed some help learning to study the Bible. I struggled in understanding some passages until I learned this method of study. This class has been a tremendous help in my spiritual growth. I can only hope to be weaned off my spiritual milk and receive the meat of the Word of God.”


Roger F. (Roger found faith in Christ at LoCI Kairos #2)


“I am 43 years old serving a 27 year prison conviction. Upon arrival at the county jail (2006) I began reading the Bible. I’ve never stopped and hopefully never will. The department of corrections does not permit me in educational programs, they say I have too much time, therefore any education I obtain is up to me to teach myself. Until the Bible College! I was grateful to hear about this during Kairos #3 in 2012.


Sylvester L.


“I was praying for a judicial release so I could go on to Bible College upon release. It wasn’t God’s appointed time to be released but God decided to bring the college to me inside these walls. Oh what a blessing this has been. My comprehension of the Bible has improved immensely. My hope is that the outside church will hear the plea of the prisoner to further our education in Christ the Word that means so much to all of us.”


Roy Lee C.




October 1, 2013


This class has truly helped me to see and understand God’s word, the scriptures to gain more meaning and a deeper understanding to help me in my walk in the Lord and also to share that knowledge with others to help and encourage them in their walk of faith also. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to help me to grow and build upon that I can take with me once I leave here to further my walk and relationship with Jesus. This not only helps me but others that are in my life also.


Alan E.


I found this class to be very informative, and truly an eye opening

experience. After years of reading the Bible, I have now discovered a better way to study the Bible and all its contents. Thus far the classes have been offered on a once a week schedule. L really hope that in the future the classes could be every day.


Gary F.


March 1, 2014


I am 56 years old. This is my first number (time in prison). I was in manufacturing for 29 years. 27 of those years I was in some type of management role. I’ll be here at the very least for 6 1⁄2 years. I chose not to take the only college offered “Business Management”. I lived this. I wasn’t interested in re-living what I had participated in my whole adult life.


I found that I really desired to learn something I didn’t know. Several events pulled me to Christ. Then I finally accepted Jesus as my Savior just in the last 16 months. Soon after I found out we began a Bible College here. I was too late to sign up for the first class.


I waited patiently to sign up for the second session. These 2hours are the fastest of my week. I love it. I am so hungry for the Word and each week we go to several areas of the Bible. I have found out very quickly how amazing this Book is. I have already learned investigative tools that have shown me the true context of verses I have misinterpreted. I love learning something new. This class has made me even more hungry for the Word. Now I find out I can take 2 classes this next semester! I can’t wait. To whom it may concern...Thank-you, thank-you, thank-



Chris R.


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