"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:36
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Welcome to the True Freedom Bible College website. We exist to honor Christ by

providing a learning opportunity for those who desire spiritual growth and development

through the study of the Bible. We are an institution of higher education preparing

individuals for Christian service and ministry. We strive to stay faithful to our stated



It is the purpose of True Freedom Bible College to teach the Word of God and equip

Christians for service and ministry while building community, honoring Christ and glorifying God.


Our major emphasis is offering quality Christian education to those individuals behind

prison walls. Our ministry to prisoners has continued to grow over the past few years.


The True Freedom Bible College is not officially connected to any denomination

or fellowship of churches. However, the college is born out of the former Christian

Union Bible College. That college was closed due to a shift in educational emphasis

by the national Christian Union leadership. CUBC closed in May 2011 and TFBC was

incorporated and ready to serve students in August 2011. True Freedom Bible College

came into existence to carry on the ministry started by the Christian Union Bible College.


In August of 2011 TFBC picked up the baton and began offering classes at two state

prisons in Ohio; RCI (Ross Correctional Institution) and CCI (Chillicothe Correctional

Institution). Since then the college has expanded to provide classes in three additional

prisons, LoCI (London Correctional Institution), PCI (Pickaway Correctional Institution),

and MaCI (Madison Correctional Institution). The college is supplying seven (7) classes

in the five (5) prisons with nearly 200 prison students enrolled for the spring 2015



We will expand our ministry to those who are released from prison by providing

correspondence classes. But we are also providing correspondence classes for non-

incarcerated students. This ministry will continue to grow as we become more

established. We will add online classes as we grow.


It is our desire to help interested individuals grow in their understanding of the Bible

and their relationship with Jesus Christ. Every aspect of our ministry is aimed at helping

Christians to grow in their faith. And helping anyone who is interested to understand and

apply the truths of the Bible to their lives.


At this time we are funded by gifts and contributions from Christian individuals and

churches. If you are interested in becoming involved in this educational ministry you can

contact us through the information provided on the home page. God Bless.


Neal Reid, President

True Freedom Bible College


OFFICE LOCATION: 1200 North Washington St. Greenfield, Ohio 45123
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 13 Greenfield, Ohio 45123
PHONE: 740-505-1859

EMAIL: tfbcollege@gmail.com